Friday, March 13, 2015

Waiting... Twiddling Thumbs

Well, we are still waiting to find out when we can do a pre-construction meeting.  The owner of the land apparently is taking his time turning it over to Ryan, at least that's what township zoning has clued us in on (connections are good to have).

For the most part, I was okay with waiting a little.  I would hate to have a basement poured in Ohio winter weather.  It was a hard winter.  Now, though, it's getting a little excessive.  We decided to get our realtor/broker involved to get a fire lit under this situation.  I know it's not Ryan's fault, but I haven't a clue if they are doing all they can to get this moving along.

So for now... I have nothing exciting to talk about.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather, Ohio friends!