Monday, August 10, 2015

Lookin' Like a House!

View at door, as you walk into house.
View from front corner of formal dining. To the far left is the front door entrance. There will be a column soon where the intersections come together on the ceiling. Left arch doorway to 2 bedrooms and a bath. Right arch doorway to kitchen and living room.
Formal dining room- we are making it a library area.
Front door. View from top of basement stairs.
Front bedroom.

Front bedroom

Other bedroom on first floor
Other view of bedroom on first floor
At the arched entry to the kitchen/living room from foyer.
At the arched entry to the kitchen/living room from foyer.
View in the corner of the living room. Looking at morning room.
Other view from other corner of living room. Looking at kitchen.Arch doorway goes to pantry, master bedroom and laundry area.
In the morning room
In the morning room
view from morning room
View of living room from arch doorway area to pantry and master.

master bath
master bedroom
master bedroom

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We (No Longer) See the Light!!!

It's been a month or more since the last update.  So much has progressed!  The house has a basement, floors, framed walls and a roof to protect our home from the elements and sun.  It's taking shape and I'm so stinkin' excited.

I got teary eyed at the site of my framed pantry.  We didn't have much storage in the kitchen in the last house.  This house--huge pantry.  We also have more than 1 linen closet.  With 5 of us, it was packed in the last house.

Insulation will be done today.  Siding is going up!  I've been so impressed with the project manager, Jim.  He answers the phone when we call and takes care of concerns or will find an answer.

We added 2 more can lights in the kitchen after seeing the layout.  We also put in a floor outlet where the couch will be in the living room.  It'll be floating and electricity is my friend and needed, maybe.

Here go more pictures....

Basement, standing in the garage

Brian in the 3rd car part of garage

Left part (dirt) is the porch and cut out for front door, rest is basement

Mid day working...

End of day...Walls!!! Windows!!! Doorway!!