Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why are We Doing This Again?!

The hubs and I met (thanks E-Harmony) a few years after he'd built his first house with Crossman Communities.  We built our current home with Beazer.  After 9 years and 3 children, we're building with Ryan Homes.  It can be a tedious and aggravating process yet an absolutely exciting time.

We love our current home.  No doubt.  We have the absolutely best neighbor in the entire universe.  In the city we are currently living, I've never felt it was "home."  I think the hubs feels the same.  Next, with the hubs in search of the principal or curriculum dream job, he may have to work outside of the school district that our daughter is able to attend and love (if you work there, the kids can go there).

The hubs received an email from Ryan (we're always looking!) with a new section opening in a neighborhood that would be perfect for us.  On top of that, they are wooded lots.  BONUS!  We took a look loved it.  Quickly my nerves and anxiety swept in.  I honestly took some quiet time and prayed.  Cleared my head and listened.  I now feel confident and sure that this is supposed to be our next home.

I was talking with someone I work with about moving.  He brought up a great perspective that the house we are to build, will be the home our kids will think about when they grow up as their childhood home.  So interesting.  The house we currently live in is really important to my hubby and I and our start of our family.  What a great perspective.

So, the journey has started.  I'll catch this blog up with our selections for our house, called the Winterbrook.  The blogs have helped me out a lot with conversation and choices to make with Ryan Homes.  Hopefully this will do the same.