Sunday, February 22, 2015

Color & Material Selections for Our Winterbrook

We made our selections in January but I'm just now getting around to posting.  Check it all out.  I'm pleased with the selections and a little nervous too.  We are going with colors that we typically don't go to.... tan, which we love but grays, purplish color and cool tones.  It'll look fab but still praying I love it.  Ryan will paint all walls a neutral tan/gray color... good price for the entire house.

Kid's Bathroom flooring

Kitchen cupboards, counter, floor and backsplash tiles. The ones that are rectangle with stone and brown

Kitchen backsplash

Master Bathroom floor, counter, cupboards, shower tile, floor & trim. All bathrooms will have the granite countertop-- saint lucia or something like that... neutral color with lil purplish flecks.

Trim/detail for master shower

Flooring. Carpet in living room, halls and bedrooms and basement.  Wood (upgrades vinyl stuff... looks beautiful!) in entrance, kitchen, main walk areas, morning room.

Carpet selection information
Kitchen counter, cupboards, floor

Kitchen counter, floor and cabinet... again

Upgraded formica countertop color
Backsplash detail section

Cherry cabinet, 1 upgrade.... scratches better not be included in ours! :)

Kitchen countertop

Flooring... flash makes it a little light

Flooring--upgraded 2